Woburn Rates Book 1802-1828

Woburn Rates Book 1802 - 1828


This search will locate any occurrences of surnames within the 'occupier', 'proprietor', or 'comments' fields for either a selected year or for all years. Many surnames are spelled inconsistently in the book, so the search will accept any subset of letters that make up a name - for example if you want to search for 'Henley' or 'Henly' then use 'Henl' as your search string. This would of course also return any occurrences of 'Henlow'.

We recommend that once you have found the surname, you then search the corresponding address for all years, in case the surname is spelled differently in other entries - and this will also help to build up a picture of where your family was living in the whole of the 1802 - 1828 period.

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The surnames listed include the following :-

Abbethorpe Abbey Ablesharp Abram Abrams Adam Adams Anderson
Ansty Arnold Atterbury Attwood Atwood Austin Axome Bailey
Baker Barker Barlow Barnett Barnwell Barratt Barrett Barthram
Barton Bartram Bates Baxter Beechnall Benbow Benford Bennet
Bennett Bennitt Bernage Berry Best Betsworth Bettle Binyon
Birchnall Birchnell Bird Birtchnall Birtchnell Bittle Boff Bonnick
Boon Botsford Botsworth Boughton Bowdler Bowes Bows Brady
Brandon Brest Brewer Brewery Britain Brittan Brown Brunt
Bull Bunker Burbage Burbidge Burnage Burnidge Burr Burrows
Burtt Butcher Butfield Butler Butterfield Butterfunt Buttfield Button
Camp Camps Capel Capp Carey Carr Carter Cartwright
Castleden Castledine Cato Cawthorn Cealey Cecil Chamberlain Chapman
Chevel Chew Circuit Circuitt Clare Clark Clarke Clayton
Cleaver Cleavley Cleavly Clevely Clevley Close Coak Cobb
Coleman Collet Cook Cooper Copeland Cottam Cox Crick
Crocker Croft Crow Daniel Daniels Darling Davey Davy
Dawborn Dawson Day Deacon Dell Devereux Devey Dexter
Dodd Dodswell Dolborn Dolton Dover Dowdeswell Drake Drury
Dumbleton Dumpleton Dunn Dyson Edep Edess Edmond Edmonds
Elizabeth Simons Ellis Emerton Emmerton Evans Fanch Fane Farey
Farr Field Fields Filkes Filks Flack Flanders Flecknoe
Flint Folkes Fookes Fooks Fowler Foxley Francis Franklin
Frankling Freeman Furness Furr Gale Gardner Garner Garney
Garratt Gascoigne Gascoyen Gibbs Gilbert Ginks Glen Gobby
Gooby Goodman Gostelow Grace Gray Green Gregory Grey
Grove Groves Gurney Guy Hale Hall Handscomb Hannel
Hannell Harland Hartwell Hastings Hattell Hattle Hawthorn Haynes
Heighington Henley Henly Hensman Hewitt Hews Highington Hill
Hilliard Hillier Hillyer Hinns Hinton Hipwell Hirdle Hitchelow
Hodgkins Holmes Hood Hopkins House How Howe Hurley
Hurst Ingle Iredale Ireland J House Jackman Jackson James Potts
Jaques Jarvis Jay Jeffs Jenks Jeroms Jerroms Jinks
John Cox Jones Keens Kent Kilby King Kinns Kitchener
Knott Lambert Lancaster Lane Langford Law Lawrence Lea
Lear Leighton Lichfield Linton Litchfield Lonnon Loton Lovell
Lucas Maberley Major Makings Makins Mandon Mansell Manton
Marsden Marshall Martin Matthews Meadows Meakin Meakins Mellor
Middleton Milbrook Millard Millbrook Mills Millwood Molineaux Molineux
Money Morgan Morley Morris Moss Mumford Nash Negus
Newman Nichols Ninteman Nixon Odell Osborn Osborne Page
Painter Pales Pares Parez Parker Parks Parratt Parrot
Parrott Parry Paxton Payne Pearce Pearson Penrose Perrin
Perry Pershall Petitt Pettitt Pheasant Piddington Piggin Piggins
Pilgrim Pilkington Pipkin Plumber Pope Porter Pots Potts
Poulton Preston Prior Proctor Punier Purcell Purrin Pursell
Pye Rainer Ralph Ralphe Rapell Rawlins Read Reddall
Reeve Reeves Richardson Riseley Roberts Robinson Rock Rogers
Roote Rosson Roy Ruffet Runciman Rush Rust Ruth
Rutland Salmon Samuel Sinfield Sanders Saunders Scarbro' Sear Seaton
Seer Sepp Seymour Sharman Shaw Shemmeld Shepherd Sheppard
Sibley Simons Sinfield Sissex Skinner Smith Spencer Spragg
Springall Springhall Staniford Stanniford Stapp Steff Stevans Stevens
Stevenson Stewardson Stiers Stiff Stift Stonbridge Stonebridge Stopp
Stratfold Stratford Studds Summerfield Taylor Teagle Tew Thornton
Ticknall Ticknell Tift Todd Toombs Townsend Turvey Tween
Underwood Valentine Varney Ventiman Wadsworth Walker Wallace Wallis
Walton Warner Watkins Webb Weldale Whingfield Whitbread White
Whiteaves Whitebread Whiteheaves Whiteman Whiting Whittall Whittle Wiffen
Wildale Wildman Willaby William Edep Williams Willoughby Winfield Wingfield
Winters Wooden Wooding Woods Worley Wright Yates

Please note that there was considerable variation in the spellings used for many of the names (e.g. Clark and Clarke for obviously the same person); also the spidery handwriting in places led to inevitable transcription errors. The above list is the set of surnames as transcribed.

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