Woburn Rates Book 1802-1828

Woburn Rates Book 1802 - 1828

The Woburn Rates Book provides a detailed record of the village of Woburn, Bedfordshire between 1802 and 1828 (with incomplete data for 1833), with the rateable values and rates assessments for every address in Woburn.

The rates were managed at that time by the Parish of Woburn, at a period of transition from the ecllesiastical tithe system to the present-day civil local taxation regime. The Woburn Rates Book is similar to the rates assessments records kept throughout England at the time but is unusual in that it durvives and that it includes actual street addresses rather than just the names of those assessed.

The book is being transcribed by Stephen Henley (who had many ancestors living in Woburn at the time), and is made freely available on the Internet with the permission of the Diocese of St.Albans and of Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service (where the original book is now held).

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