Ongoing research:

  • Database management under uncertainty, based on Codd's open-world relational concept: see and
  • Spatial modelling and interpolation for data which does not meet the strict requirements for matheronian geostatistics

4dcoders: a new geoscience software development collaboration

A group of software developers with experience and product development in the fields of geoscience, mining, and quarrying, have decided to pool their skills in a collaborative consortium called 4dcoders.

Taking a new approach in the industry, 4dcoders offers a wide range of software solutions. But, instead of a single software package claimed to suit everybody's needs, each member of 4dcoders operates as a separate independent business and has taken a strategic decision to make its products inter-operable with those of other members and with the wider software community. Using common data interfaces allows rapid and easy transfer of data among their different applications. For clients this means specific user interfaces tailored to specific tasks while maintaining easy collaboration between other departments using different packages.

4dcoders software solutions include geomechanical and geotechnical modelling, drillhole data processing, database management, exploration statistics, mapping, advanced three-dimensional modelling and visualisation. Their clients include all sectors of the minerals industry, mining technology suppliers, geological survey organisations, and consulting firms.

Forefront of development

All members of 4dcoders have been working at the forefront of technological development and pioneering software in the areas of mine blasting, database engineering, drilling and surveying and geological modelling, with a combined experience of over 100 person-years. This has already led to members of 4dcoders participating in a range of European funded research projects, and they continue to strive to be at the leading edge of technological development.