Mineral Resources in North-West Russia

Pomor Limited is a private British-Russian company registered in England. Its role is investment in, and provision of technical assistance to, mineral resources projects in the north-west of Russia.

Pomor is the historic trading zone - across the top of Europe from Tromsø to Arhangelsk. This natural economic zone runs East-West across the national boundaries of Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway. It unites the huge natural resources of Murmansk and NW Russia with the Baltic ports through new transport links across northern Finland, where Pomor connects with the old Hansa from St. Petersburg to the North Sea.


Pomor was founded in 1991 as Pomor Petroleum Ltd, with the intention of developing oil and gas business in the Barents Sea, but its first investment was in the new mineral exploration company ZAO Pana (now OAO Pana), set up to explore for platinum group metals in the Pana - Fedorova Tundra area of the central Kola Peninsula.

Pana remains the main focus of interest for the company, which has invested in its development, to the present stage where Pana now has joint venture agreements in place for development of mining operations on two significant deposits: with Barrick Gold on the Fedorova deposit and with Uralplatina on the Kievei deposit.