Pana controls a licence area covering the Panskaya and Fedorovskaya Tundra areas of layered ultramafic/mafic intrusives, in the central Kola peninsula. The intrusion trends WNW-ESE and carries Bushveld-style PGM-bearing reefs throughout its outcrop length. Approximately 40% of the outcrop, at its eastern end, is the subject of an exploration joint venture with Bema Gold, while a similar area of the Fedorovskaya Tundra and part of the Panskaya Tundra is similarly joint ventured with Barrick Gold Corporation. An area in the centre of the Panskaya Tundra remains under sole control of AO Pana.

Mineralisation occurs as zones enriched in PGMs (predominantly Pd and Pt, with Pd/Pt ratio typically about 6), with significant gold values as well as base metals (copper, nickel, cobalt). The PGM metals occur as native metals and as bismuthides and tellurides. The base metals are present as sulphides.

Click for more detailed information on areas within the Pana licences (from work by Felix P. Mitrofanov, Alexey U. Korchagin, Kirill O. Dudkin, and Tatyana V. Rundkvist):-

Aeromagnetic map of the Pana-Fedorov area
Key criteria in localisation of PGM in Kola and in the Fedorov-Pana intrusion

Further information on the 'Malaya Pana' deposit in a 2008 Powerpoint presentation by Alexei Korchagin (in Russian)

History and Location

The Fedorov-Pana intrusion belongs to the Northern belt. U-Pb ages in the intrusion include: gabbro-norite - 2501+1.7 - 2491+1.5; gabbro-pegmatite 2470+9; anorthosite 2447+12.

The first significant PGE grades were found by D.V.Shifrin in 1939 in the Fedorov Massif. Since 1986 the Geological Institute of Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Science (KSC RAS) has undertaken PGE investigation in the Fedorov-Pana intrusion under the direction of F.Mitrofanov. In 1990-1992, as a result of systematic geological surveys, the Northern PGE-Reef in the West-Pana Massif was identified and traced for 11 km (Korchagin et al, 1994).

In 1992 the Geological Institute KSC RAS founded the JSC “Pana”, which received a license for prospecting, exploring and mining in the Fedorov-Pana intrusion. From 1993 to 1998 the JSC “Pana” and BHP Minerals, utilizing the work of the earlier researchers, undertook prospecting and exploration for PGE mineralization in the Fedorov Massif (Schissel et al., 2002).

In 2001 exploration of the Fedorov Massif was renewed by Barrick Gold Corporation and JSC “Pana”. The PGE grades and reserves were estimated and proven, and detailed exploration is on-going.


The Fedorov Pansky intrusion occurs at the northern contact between volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Early Proterozoic Imandra-Varzuga paleorift and the Archean basement. At the present-day erosion surface, the Fedorov-Pana intrusion extends for over 80 km and has a width up to 6-7 km. It is a NW-trending sheet-like body, which is split up by a set of transverse faults into three large blocks: the Fedorov, West Pana and East Pana Blocks or Massifs. The Fedorov Massif, the most western part of the intrusion, is composed of mafic and ultramafic rocks and is separated from the West Pana Massif by a thick fault zone. The West Pana Massif is the thickest, best exposed and most studied part of the intrusion. It comprises the Upper Layered Horizon (ULH) and Lower Layered Horizon (LLH), and is composed of mostly gabbronorite. The East Pana Massif forms the eastern flank of the intrusion. It is laterally heterogeneous, and is characterized by mostly gabbro, gabbronorite and mafic pegmatite rock varieties. Recently, a layered horizon (LH) has been identified at the base of the East Pana Massif. Combined modeling from gravity and seismic reflection data showed that the Fedorov-Pana intrusion is a SW-dipping plate-shaped body extending down to a depth of 4-5 km.

Further information from here - "The Ores Mineralogy of the Kola Peninsula"

Published Resource Estimates

Published resources estimates are as follows:-

PGM+Au tonnes
PGM, Au: M ounces
Cu, Ni: M pounds 
Pd 2.1M
Pt 0.5M
Cu 150
Ni 90
Pd 2.6M
Pt 0.6M
Cu 150
Ni 111
Malaya Pana (North Reef)**
Russian C1+C2
PGM 1.53M
Cu, Ni present but not published
* From Barrick 2007.
** From Kommersant 11/11/2008.
In both cases there are more recent figures, as yet unpublished.

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