Fedorov Massif

The Fedorov Massif is a lopolith-shaped body. The base of the Massif is composed of a spotted-textured “Taxitic” gabbronorite (pbaC)*. This is overlain by a 200m thick unit of meso- to melanocratic fine-grained norite (pbCa) and orthopyroxenite (bCp) with plagioclase < 10%. The lower part of the zone contains lens-like layers of breccia, with pyroxenite clasts (bCp) in a matrix of gabbronorite (pbCa).

The largest and thickest Upper ore body has a strike length of 3.5 km and varies in thickness from 8.4 to 86.7 m. The body is conformable to igneous layering, but is cut by NW-trending faults into three parts. The ore body has been traced down to a depth of 200300 m. Using a PGE+Au cutoff grade of 1 g/t, the mean thickness of the Upper ore deposit is 35.9 m. The average grade is Ni = 0.08%, Cu = 0.14%, and PGE+Au = 1.84 g/t,

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