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Pana is an exploration and mining company, with platinum group metals properties in the Kola peninsula, north-western Russia.

Pana was set up in 1992 by the Geological Institute of the Kola Scientific Centre (KSC), a component body of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Co-founders include also other institutes at the KSC, the Lovozero district administration, and AO Apatit, a major phosphate rock producer in the Murmansk region. There is also direct non-Russian participation in Pana through Pomor Ltd, a UK-registered company, with private UK and Russian shareholders, which holds 10% of the shares of Pana, and through Pana's joint venture with Barrick Resources.

Academician F.P.Mitrofanov
Chairman 1992-2014

Dr A.L.Gritsai
General Director 1992-99

Dr A.U.Korchagin
General Director from 2000

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Felix Mitrofanov in May 2014. He was the geologist who identified the Pana-Fedorova complex as one of the world's major PGM-bearing layered mafic igneous intrusions, and who led the scientific studies which established its importance and provided a detailed understanding of its geochemistry and mineralogy.

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