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MinSouth Mission Statement
The mission of MinSouth is to be a focus for mining & minerals related professionals based in London and the South East of England, to influence the wider public, to support the IOM3 in its objectives as well as supporting the educational system for the development of the next generation of mining professionals.

28/09/2017     17:30
Venue: The Kings Arms, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, W1J 7QA Time: 17:30 onwards

04/10/2017     09:00:00
Current Developments in the UK Mining Industry
At the turn of the 20th Century Europe led the World in the development of mining and mineral processing technology and was largely self-sufficient in minerals, and exported to outside of the continent. The situation at the start of the 21st Century is very different. Europe is almost totally reliant upon imported raw materials. Indeed, this has been recognised by none other than the EU, who have identified critical raw materials, the so called CRMs on which European industry depends and the list is growing ever longer with a further 6 commodities being added in 2014 to bring the list of CRMs to 20. The realisation is that Europe is almost totally dependent upon imported minerals, with one country, China, dominating the production of the majority of CRMs. This is forcing a rethink about the desirability of mining in Europe. Indeed the EU, which for so long seemed to regard mining as a redundant occupation that should be eliminated from within European borders, has had a complete reassessment and mining is now seen as part of the solution to increasing European GDP growth and prosperity. Perhaps nowhere in Europe is this renaissance more evident with actual projects than in the UK, where in the last few years world-class-mining projects have been opened, or are in development. Who could have predicted that at the turn of the 21st Century! The UK is fortunate in having a great geological diversity and this is very evident in the projects that will be discussed at this conference, ranging from coal, through industrial minerals to strategic metals and precious metals. This conference will provide the current definitive state of UK mining. The conference will take place at 297 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AD. Full details and registration at www.iom3online.org/mtd2017

05/10/2017     09:00:00
Current Developments in the UK Mining Industry
Continuation of the conference that starts 4/10/17.

09/10/2017     18:00:00
AGM and Unexmin project presentation
The AGM of MinSouth will be followed by a presentation on the UNEXMIN project by Stephen Henley. UNEXMIN is a European Union Horizon2020 project for development of an autonomous submersible robot for surveying flooded underground mines which started in February 2016 and will continue until October 2019. There are two UK partners: a software group led by RCI and the Ecton Mine Educational Trust. The robot will carry a variety of imaging systems and geochemical/geophysical sensors and is designed to operate down to depths of 500 m. So far the instruments and navigation system have been developed and tested; the prototype robot will be assembled over the coming winter, and the first live tests will be carried out in Finland next spring. The final and most complex tests will be carried out at Ecton Mine in the UK. Ecton has been flooded to river level since the 1850s, but has about 300 m depth of flooded workings. Part of the project is development of a complete 3D model of the Ecton mine. At the end of the project it is intended that the robot systems will be further developed and a company will be formed to offer a commercial service for mine exploration and related services such as monitoring of underground systems which are too dangerous (or too deep) for access by divers. The meeting will be held at The counting House, Cornhill.

12/10/2017     10:30:00
Decommissioning on the UKCS: Opportunities and Obligations
The Oil & Gas Division of IOM3 will be hosting a one-day seminar on decommissioning at the IOM3 London HQ. The seminar will feature speakers from Wood Mackenzie, Herbert Smith Freehills, UK Oil & Gas Authority, Shell, Abel UK, British Metals Recycling Association and Genesis Oil & Gas and is aimed at Senior Managers, Technical Professionals, Investors and Financiers who have a shared interest in how these issues will affect the industry, companies, markets and the UK taxpayer. The offshore UK Continental Shelf has been producing oil and gas for over 50 years and many facilities have come to the end of their useful life. Oil and Gas UK have estimated that 100 fixed structures, 7,500 km of subsea pipelines and approximately 1,800 wells will be decommissioned over the next decade. Whilst this places a huge obligation on the operators, it also presents a massive opportunity for those companies best positioned to provide the expertise, people, equipment and finance to complete the task, and in particular the decontamination, recycling and disposal of the materials used. For further information contact Chia.Brooks@iom3.org or visit www.iom3online.org/decom

13/10/2017     TBC
MIME AGM and Annual Dinner
Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster. See http://www.themime.org.uk/ for details.

26/10/2017     17:30:00
Venue: The Kings Arms, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, W1J 7QA Time: 17:30 onwards

13/11/2017     18:00:00
Beowulf Minerals
A presentation by Kurt Budge of Beowulf Minerals. The meeting will be held at The Counting House, Cornhill.

30/11/2017     17:30:00
Venue: The Kings Arms, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, W1J 7QA Time: 17:30 onwards

11/12/2017     18:00:00
Christmas Quiz
Venue to be confirmed.

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