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Mining Sundowner: A drink (traditionally alcoholic but nowadays not compulsory) taken at sunset. Synonymous with expatriate geologists & miners. This casual gathering of mining professionals and students is open to everyone in the mining sector, including oil and gas, and is held on the last Thursday evening of each month. It is organised by Liv Carroll and is supported by MinSouth and IOM3 in cooperation with the Association of Mining Analysts (AMA). Kick off is at 5:30pm. Note the new venue: The Kings Arms, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, W1J 7QA. Friends of the community just passing through town are welcome and encouraged to drop by. The Mining Sundowner is free to attend (drinks are sometimes sponsored also) and always proves to be a popular and enjoyable evening.

See our Calendar for the next Sundowner event.

MinSouth Lectures: MinSouth lectures are designed to provide industry workers with an informal, relevant and diverse topic to complement their professional continued learning. The lectures are given by industry leaders and followed by nibbles and snacks, complements of MinSouth. The lectures are about an hour in length, and people generally stay on for a chance to speak further with the guest lecturer, and to have a pint with friends. The lectures are held monthly from October to June at, with occasional exception, the Counting House pub in Cornhill, London. Attendance at MinSouth Technical Lectures qualifies as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required to maintain Chartered Status with IOM3. The MinSouth Lectures are provided free of charge to everyone, and students are encouraged to attend.

To view and download previous lectures, visit our Archives section.

Masterclasses: Over the past several years Minsouth has devised a series of Masterclasses to illustrate topical technical and financial aspects of the global mining industry to the wider community in London and the South East. We are grateful for the numerous industry professionals who have freely given their expertise in a wide range of topics, and to the Association of Mining Analysts for their input to the series. Masterclasses are entirely funded by the international law firm Simmons and Simmons, in particular we thank Iain Duncan for his significant contribution to content and organisation.
The series takes the form of presentations on topics of interest to the technical and financial sectors of the mining industry and is designed to inform professionals across a wide range of subjects. The intention is to provide a forum where expert presentations will be given to an audience that will be encouraged to question and add to the topic under discussion. The presentations are aimed at those employed in the sector to widen their understanding of issues that affect the mining industry.

To see when the next masterclass will be held, see our Calendar. To view and download previous Masterclass lectures, visit our Archives section.

Commodity Days: For over thirty years, the Annual Commodity Days, staged in London, in late November or early December, have been an important and regular event in the mining industry calendar. Each Commodity Day covers one metal or industrial mineral from exploration through mining and processing to its uses and marketing. The target audience are mining industry professionals from both the technical and financial sectors.

For most of their life these days were organised by the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, which is now part of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). MinSouth (www.minsouth.org.uk) is the regional mining society, in London and Southeast of England of the IOM3. Since 2006, MinSouth, supported by the Association of Mining Analysts, has taken the lead in organising these Annual Commodity Days.

Recent topics have included Iron, Gold, Nickel, Copper and Uranium. A full list of past events is tabled below. The table also provides details of where the presentations and papers are published. These publications can be found at the library of the IOM3 and fuller details of the references can be found on the IMMAGE database on the IOM3 website.

(previously IMM)
Commodity Days
Number Year Location/date Published
Nickel 30th 2008 London, 27 November 2008. Detailed review in Materials World Vol. 17 No.1 Jan 2009 and PowerPoint presentations on www.minsouth.org.uk
Copper 29th 2007 London, 22 November 2007. Detailed review in Materials World Vol 16 No. 1 Jan 2008 and PowerPoint presentations on www.minsouth.org.uk
Uranium 28th 2006 London, 23 November 2006. Detailed review in Materials World Vol 15 No 1 Jan 2007 and PowerPoint presentations on www.minsouth.org.uk
Gold 27th 2004 London 28 October 2004. Trans. Inst. Min. Metall. B Jun 2005 Vol. 114, p. 99-128 4 papers and in Materials World Vol 12 No 12 Dec 2004
Platinum - Cradle to Grave 26th 2004 Materials Congress, London, 30 March to 01 April 2004 Trans. Inst. Min. Metall. B Sept 2005 Vol. 114
Magnesium 25th 2002 London, 30 January 2002. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. C, vol.111, May-Aug. 2002, p.C49-C64, 4 papers.
Cobalt 24th 2000 London, 22 November 2000. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. B, vol.110, May-Aug. 2001, p.B66-B90, 5 papers.
Coal 23rd 1998 Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham, 19 November 1998 Int. Min. Miner., vol.3, no.30, Jun. 2000, p.155-161.
Iron Ore 22nd 1997 London, 9 November 1997 Int. Min. Miner., vol.1, no.1, Jan. 1998, p.14-20.
Nickel 21st 1996 London, 21 November 1996. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1034, Jan. 1997, p.18-75, 9 papers.
Coloured Gemstones 20th 1995 London, UK, 29 November 1995. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1029, Mar. 1996, p.11-33.
White Minerals - A European Perspective 19th 1994 London 29 November 1994. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1023, Mar. 1995, p.8-31 7 papers
Titanium 18th 1993 London, 29 November 1993. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1016, Jan. 1994, p.9-42, 7 papers.
Aluminium 17th 1992 London, 2 December 1992. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1011, Mar. 1993, 6 papers, p.3-26
Copper 16th 1991 Royal Aeronautical Society London, 2 December 1991. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1005, March 1992, 8 papers, p.5-37.
Zinc 15th 1990 London, 5 December 1990. Miner. Ind. Int., no.1001, July 1991, p.9-16, 33 refs.
Ferroalloys nickel / chromium / vanadium 14th 1989 Geological Society, London, 30 November 1989. Miner. Ind. Int., no.994, May 1990, p.12-48.
Gold 13th 1988 London on the 1-2 December 1988. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. B, vol.98, Jan.-Apr. 1989, p.B38-B82, 76 refs. & Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. B, vol.98, May-Aug. 1989, p.B91-B117
Metals for the Electronics Industry 12th 1987 Geological Society, London, 3 December 1987. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. C., vol.97, Mar. 1988, p.C31-C52. June 1988, p.C72-C101.
Platinum 11th 1986 London, 4 December 1986. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.96, July 1987, p.A104-A108, 12pp.
Phosphate 10th 1985 London, 12 December 1985. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.95, July 1986, p.A119-A158
Manganese 9th 1984 London, 6 December 1984. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.94, July 1985,p.A155-A180. 8 papers
Barite 8th 1983 London, 29 November 1983. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.93, July 1984, A123-A159, 10 papers
Lead 7th 1982 London Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.92, July 1983, p.A135-A150.
Gemstones 6th 1981 London, 3 December 1981. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.91, July 1982, p.A110-A140, 36 refs.
Gold 5th 1980 London Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.90, July 1981, p.A122-A153.
Chromium 4th 1979 London, 6 December 1979. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol.89, Apr. 1980, p.A99-A105, 14 refs. (Report of . Abstracts of papers and discussion.)
Tungsten 3rd 1978 London, 14 December 1978 Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A , vol.88, July 1979 , p.A116-A134, 35 refs.
Fluorspar 2nd 1977 General meeting of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, London, December 1977. Trans. Instn. Min. Metall. A, vol. 87, Apr. 1978, p. A53-A73.
(if anyone has information on the first commodity day, please let us know !)

Prestige Lecture: The Prestige Lecture is an Annual lecture, usually held in June, set to mark the end of a successful year of MinSouth organized events. The lecture is given by a leading industry professional, and followed by hors d'oeuvres and drinks. The event is sponsored, and its popularity requires that you confirm your attendance in advance. Details will be given closer to the event date.

To view and download previous lectures, please visit our Archives section.

Annual Dinner: To celebrate the accomplishments of the year, and to witness all of our friends in tuxedos and frocks, MinSouth organizes an Annual Dinner, to be held in May of each year. The event boasts a delicious 3 course meal, followed by an engaging and light hearted talk by a popular speaker. The Annual Dinner is a ticketed event, and preference is given to MinSouth members. Details will be provided closer to the date.

To see when the next Annual Dinner will be held, please see our Calendar.

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