PERC Membership

PERC membership is open to relevant professional bodies and representatives from significant mineral industry sectors in European countries.

Currently PERC members include four representatives from each of six parent organisations (the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, The Geological Society, the European Federation of Geologists, the Institute of Geologists of Ireland), the Fennoscandian Association for Minerals and Metals Professionals (FAMMP), and the Iberian Mining Engineers Board (IMEB), together with individual co-opted representatives representing different interests and sectors of the minerals industry.

Following the 2019 AGM in Madrid, this is the updated list of PERC Officers and CRIRSCO representatives:

  • Chairperson: Pim Demecheleer
  • Deputy chairperson: Markku Iljina
  • 1st CRIRSCO representatives: Neil Wells, Ed Sides
  • Treasurer: Ruth Allington
  • Secretary & 2nd CRIRSCO representative: Edmund Sides

Members of the committee are:

European Federation of Geologists      Ruth Allington
Pim Demecheleer
Remi Bosc
Michael Neumann

Geological Society of London      Jim Coppard
Mark Howson
Paul Lusty
Katherine Royse

Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining      Neil Wells
Stephen Henley
Liv Carroll

Institute of Geologists of Ireland      Paul Gordon
Andy Bowden
Paul McDermott
Ed Sides

Fennoscandian Association for Minerals and Metals Professionals (FAMMP)      Thomas Lindholm
Kerstin Brinnen
Markku Iljina

Iberian Mining Engineers Board (IMEB)      Juan Leon Coullaut
Alfredo Franco
José Antonio Espí
Miguel Tato Diogo

Co-opted members ('special advisers')      Marco Cosi
Simon Dominy
Bernd Schürmann
Radoslav Vukas
Simon Collins
Manuel Martinez Pelayo
Johann Gotsis
Brenda Lothion

Trustees      John Clifford
Gordon Riddler
Stephen Henley

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